The Rutherford Appellation was designated in 1993 and the Rutherford Dust Society was founded in 1994 by growers and vintners in tribute to the legacy of our grape growing and winemaking forebears. Since the late 19th century, the growers and vintners of Rutherford have played a significant role in the development of Napa Valley as a world-class winegrowing region.

The Society’s mission is to encourage and promote the highest quality standards in grape growing and winemaking in the Rutherford Viticultural Area, and to help wine lovers and the wine trade discover Rutherford’s expression of its unique terroir. Please join us in enjoying the fruits of our labor and in preserving the heritage and vineyards of Rutherford, in the Napa Valley.We Are Rutherford!

It takes Rutherford dust to grow great Cabernet.ANDRÉ TCHELISTCHEFF

André Tchelistcheff, a Russian-born immigrant with a thick accent, and John Daniel, a strong-willed heir to the Inglenook estate, are two of the most important 20th century personalities that helped shape the course of Napa Valley Cabernet winemaking.  JAMES LAUBE, WINE SPECTATOR, FEBRUARY 29, 2000Read More Here

2016 Rutherford Wine Experience

Come kick up some Rutherford Dust with us at the Rutherford Wine Experience on May 13th & 14th!

Rutherford Wine Experience info

Enjoy insider access and an intimate wine experience with Rutherford’s finest winegrowers, winemakers and vintners. Unwind at the VIP Welcome Reception, discover a new side of Rutherford terroir on Saturday morning… and kick up some Rutherford Dust with us at our first annual Big Ol’ Party on Saturday afternoon!

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