Keith Bowers

Rue Ziegler, cultural anthropologist and RDS board member, conducted this interview with Keith Bowers on November 15th, 2002. The excerpts below cover the period from 1922 to the present day.

Keith’s parents, already married, moved to Oakland in 1922 where he and his brother where born in 1924 and 1923 respectively. Keith lived in the Oakland/Berkeley area until he graduated high school and joined the Navy in 1941. When the wars ended Keith, taking advantage of the GI bill, went to UC Davis to study.

After Keith graduated from UC Davis he was offered a job by Dr. Albert Winkler. Keith accepted the job working at the UC Davis experimental station in Oakville, where he worked with Dr. Albert Winkler and Dr. Maynard Amerine amongst others.

The UC Davis Experimental Station

Keith’s Job in Oakville for UC Davis

Remembering Dr. Maynard Amerine

Remembering Dr. Albert Winkler

Home Winemaking in the 1960s

Keith Discusses the Current Wine Market